Damian Reid
position 4/5
height: 6ft 9"

Damian Reid.JPG

Damian Reid has rejoined us this season. Having played at St Joseph's as a three year starter along side team mates Delonte West and Jameer Nelson (both with NBA teams now) he is a massive presence at 6ft 9" averaging 12 rebounds per game with 14 points. He is fitter and stronger this term and will improve on those stats.
Damian is a ferocious rebounder with considerable shooting range. He is definitely larger than live character that thrives on pressure and loves the lime light. His return is a further confirmation of the club’s desire to build strong, deep and stable nucleus of the team. Damian has graduated from St.Joseph in 2002 where he was all time leader in field goal percentage with 69%

Peter Deppisch
position: 3
height: 6ft 7"

Pete Deppisch.JPG

Pete along with Walid and Steve is the longest serving member of London United. He is a captain of the team with great influence on and off the court. He is arguably the best shooter in the league with almost endless range. Sometimes his reputation as a scorer overshadows his considerable passing and rebounding skills. Pete is the head of our school programme.

Professional and collegiate career:

-1990-92-Rhode Island Junior College
-1992-94 Salem State Massachusetts NCAA Div 1
-1994-95 Herten Germany Bundesliga 2
-1995-96 Longen Germany Bundesliga 2
-1996-97 Manchester Giants BBL/Estoril Portugal Div 1
-1997-98 Koblenz Germany Bundesliga 2
-1998-99 London Leopards BBL
-1990-00 London Leopards/Quimigahl Portugal Div 1
-2000-02 Ealing Tornados
-2002-05 London United

Rob Smith
position: 2/3
height: 6ft 3"

Rob Smith.JPG

Rob is another product of Richmond College basketball Academy who makes serious impact on the senior scene. He is archetypal blue –collar player who takes immense pride in his defence never say die attitudes. During his junior career he won 4 National titles. Rob combines playing for LU with studying at prestigious Imperial College. Rob has spent almost his entire playing career with London United and Ealing Tornados, the only exception being season 2002-03 when he represented Illinois Institute of Technology NAIA Div 1.

Steve Vear
position: 1/2
height: 5ft 10"

Steve Vear.JPG

Hugely talented young player who can equally effectively plays both guard position. Steve was the backbone of all conquering Richmond College junior programme and quickly establishes similar role within the senior team. During his junior career he has won 4 National titles. Steve was voted supporters MVP in the previous season. He has represented England on U-20 level and currently is a member of the English Senior National Squad.

Walid Mumuni
position: 2/3
height: 6ft 5"

Walid Mumuni.JPG

The most versatile player of young generation and ultimate winner. As a junior player, Walid participated in 7 National Finals winning 6 of them! He is the team’s best defender who will fight ferocious battles with other teams best scorers. Apart from silky smooth basketball skills, Walid is also blessed with the “poster-boy “look which manifest itself in frequent presence in Nike and Gatorade adverts. Walid has represented England on on U-20 level and currently is a member of the English Senior National Squad.

Junior Williams
position: 1/2
height: 5ft 10"

Junior Williams.JPG

Junior is a pure example of archetypal point-guard with very good court awareness and great leadership skills. Junior is a very popular character on London basketball scene having spent majority of his professional career with London Towers and Crystal Palace. His greatest success in BBL came in 1999 when he celebrated with London Towers winning Play-off Championship. Junior is another very successful product of Westminster/Brixton Junior Programme and has won 6 cups with English National Team.
Professional and collegiate career:

1990-97-Brixton/Westminster Junior Programme
-1997-98 Crystal Palace, BBL
-1998-99 London Towers, BBL [Play-off Champions]
-1999-03 Oklahoma City University NAIA Div 1
-2003-04 Scottish Rocks, BBL
-2004-05 London United

Peter Van Elswyk
position: 4/5
height: 6ft 10"

Peter van Elswyk.JPG

Apart from immense physical presence under both boards Pete brings enormous wealth of experience to the team. His knowledge of the game makes him a ”point-forward” who can effectively unlock any type of defence. His is surprisingly agile and explosive and poses full array of inside moves.
Professional and collegiate carrier:


> University of South Carolina
> * First freshman starter since Alex English
> * SEC All Newcomer Team 1994
> * SEC Student-Athlete award 2X

> Stanford University
> * PAC 10 All Newcomer Team 1997
> * Sweet 16 1997
> * Final Four 1998

> International:

> Canadian National Student Team
> * World University Games 1993 - Buffalo, NY - Silver medal
> * Commonwealth Championships 1994 - Malaysia - Gold medal
> * World University Games 1995 - Fukuoka, Japan - Bronze medal

> Canadian National Men’s Team
> * Footlocker Tournament 1993 - Treviso, Italy
> * Jones Cup 1996 - Taiwan - Gold Medal
> * World Championships Qualifying Tournament - Americas - 1997 - Montevideo, Uruguay - Silver medal

> * Retired from National Team - 2000

> Professional:

> Nuova Basket Reggio Calabria - Italy A2 Champions
> Orange Oostende - Belgium 1st Div. - Korac Cup
> Bipop Reggio Emilia - Italy A1
> London Towers - Euroleague
> Hamburg Tigers - Germany 1st Div
> Braunsweig - Germany 1st Div
> Drama - Greece A1
> Sutor Montegranaro - Italy A2
> Roseto - ItalyA1
> Ragusa - Italy A2
> Rimini - Italy A2
> Torre Di Passeri - Italy C2 - Champions
> London United - EBL 1

Martin Kubacki
position: 2/3
height: 6ft 6"

Marchin Kubacki.JPG

Marcin is the youngest member of London United squad and is currently studying at Richmond College. He has played basketball at Novum Bydgoszcz in Polish Junior National League. He is very versatile player who makes smooth transition from junior basketball to the man’s game.

Sebastian Saloman
position: 4/5
height: 6ft 8"

Sebastian Saloman.JPG

Without any doubts Sebastian was the biggest surprise of the preaseson. After year long injury he looked nothing like a player who dominated Polish Div 1 only a couple of years ago. Within a couple of weeks Sebastian turn himself into dominant force under both boards and has developed info forward with good mid range shooting range and surprisingly fast moves to the basket. Sebastian has spent his all professional career in Wisla Cracow.

Mantia Callender
Position 5
height: 6ft 9"

Mantia Callender.JPG

One of the most fundamentally sounded forwards in the English basketball, who combines huge frame with well developed inside moves. He has spent his professional career playing in European leagues and brings tremendous amount of experience and leadership to our young team. Matia has represented England on 7 occasions.

Professional and collegiate career:
-1990-94 Westminster Warriors/Brixton Topcats Junior Programmes
-1994-96 College of Southern Idaho Div 1 NJCAA
-1996-98 Middle Tennessee State University NCAA Div1
-1998-99 Figuirra Portugal Div 1/Kapfenberg Austria Div 1
-1999-01 Kapfenberg Div 1 Austria
-2001-02 Larissa Greece A2/Turbigen Bundesliga 1 Germany
-2002-04 SV 03 Turbigen Bundesliga 2 Germany
-2004-05 London United

Jacek Jagodka
position 2/3
height: 6ft 4"

Jacek Jagodka.JPG

Jacek has arrived to our club from Polish Div 1 side Stal Stalowa Wola where he averaged 18.5 ppg last year. He is a tremendous all-round athlete who is absolutely fanatical about his physical condition. Jacek possess very good shooting range but also can beat his opponents off the dribble and finish with thunderous dunks. He has spent his entire professional career at Stal Stalowa Wola in Poland.

Pawel Machnyia
Position 1/2
Height: 6ft

Pawel Manchnyia.JPG

He is the true globetrotter of Polish basketball who represented no fewer that 9 clubs from Polish Div 1 and 2. Pawel will provide his considerable experience on both guard positions and is very valuable addition to our backcourt. Pawel has represented Poland on U-16 and U-18 level.

Professional career:

-1995-97 Bobry Bytom U-16 Polish National Champion
-1997-98 Prokom Sopot U-18 and U-20 Polish National Champion
-1998-99 Iskra Czestochowa
-1999-00 Prokom Sopot U-20 National Champion
-2001-01 Zastal Zielona Gora
-2001-02 Polonia Przemysl
-2002-03 Polpharma Stargard Szczecinski
-2003-04 Anwil Wloclawek/Polpak Swiecie
-2004-05 Notec Inowroclaw/London United

Steve Jacobs
position: 4/5
height: 6ft 7"

Steve Jacobs is the oldest player on the squad, however he brings energy and intesity on defence and is a monster on the boards. He will jump out of the gym if you ask him to.
Steve acts as our back up centre fiving valuable minutes.

Donal Hockey
Position 3
height: 6ft 4"

Donal is a reliable 3 man, who can play with his back to basket as well as threaten from the arc. Last season he was our "Mr Reliable" doing a bit of everything well.



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