U18 Match Update

Juniors vs. Essex and Herts Leopards

This long awaited match between the last remaining undefeated teams in the South Conference proved to be worth the wait. Leopards have been producing some big wins in the league and United have been looking for some consistancy in their performances. The game started off positively for LU who scored well off their half court offences. THe hussel of Devan Powell had his team mates also rising to the occassion. Most notable performance came from Frank Nyanlikyi who played his best game of the season thus far. The Leopards guards began to claw their team back into contention and at one point took the lead. A hard foul which amazingly was not called by the officials led to 14 year old Michael Opio being rushed to hospital with a deep gash above his eye. This momentarily distracted the home side. With less then a minute of normal time United led by 3 points and had four free throw attempts to seal the victory but missed all the shots! With 7 seconds remaining Leopards had the opportunity to tie the game up. The United defense thought they had covered the main shooting threat only for one of the Leopards bigger players to land 'nuthin but net' and force the game into OT. In OT United took complete control and dominated to the end.
Final Score United (64) 80 - Leopards (64) 69.

Top Scorers Ogebengbe 20, Hussein 18, Powell 13



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